Walking Food Tour

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The capital.

Naxos Town or Chora  is the island's governing and  commercial centre. It's impressive how a so small area can combine so many pages of history. From the golden period of 5th B.C. century to the Venetian Empire of 13th  A.D.   till nowdays was an attractive place for all these who wanted to assure their food as this land, as Naxian say, is bleesed. Chora is the most crowded place but be sure that you will feel unique in every step cause the of the well-known hospitallity of habitants 

The experience.

Naxos is a gastronomic paradise which provides a wide variety of unique produce. Our livestock gives us choice meat and dairy products, prized for their taste. The fertile western side of the island fills our kitchens with the famed Naxian potato, while the mountainous areas provide us with olive oil every winter. The capital is the best ambassador of local produce and don't loose the chance to walk around the beautiful centre, find authentic places and taste unforgettable tastes. 


We recommend to join us during your first days on the island and we promise a great list of our favorite spots!

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